Three Design Tips for Your “Home Sweet Home”

We’ve all heard the phrase “Home Sweet Home.”  However, I wonder how often that statement is actually a reality for homeowners like you.  Summertime is often full of travels, vacations, and day trips, possibly exploring new areas, staying at relaxing resorts, kicking back poolside, and splurging on an expensive beach house or mountain getaway.  Sure, it may feel good to be home, but is it your “home SWEET home?”  Does it evoke happiness and joy within simply due to its design and décor?  After all, you may have just come from a life of fluffed pillows, cutsie style, a gorgeous kitchen, refinished basements, lovely outdoor patios, and more.  Perhaps some jealously and disappointment has trickled in as you walk through your bare doors to a basic home.  We encourage you to turn that disappointment into an appointment with our consultants at Ambiance Design by following these 3 simple design tips for your home!

Quick Design Tricks

  1. Accent Walls 

Wallpaper is booming, and has been for quite some time now.  A simple accent wall in your master bedroom, basement, dining or living room to reflect you and your style is the perfect way to enhance your space!  Bold or bright colors, traditional or unique patterns, variant textures, you name it, there is a print available for you in your price range!   Not looking to do an entire wall?  No problem!  Pick a fun print to use as the backing of a wall-hanging or to frame as a picture in and of itself!

Helpful Hints: When selecting wallpaper, consider the following….

  1. What Feel do you want this space to have?
  2. Color Palette
  • greater natural, ambient light = greater range of color options
  • warm colors = energy/lively; cool colors = tranquility
  • compliment surrounding decor

     3. Embellishments – patterns, textures, metallic tones, scale patterns

  • small scale patterns evoke a feeling of spaciousness
  • large scale patterns make a room seem more intimate

2. Decorative Pillows

I like to call pillows the “Red High Heels” of design.  You may not necessarily need them, but gosh, when you have them, you will never get rid of them.  They can draw the eye, be flashy without overpowering, and, unlike actual high heels, pose very little risk (no tripping hazards here).  Often, we find that people struggle to design outside of their box. Everything stays simple and neutral for fear of clashing colors and patterns or because it “just isn’t my thing.”  We encourage you to try a splash of color.  Be bold!  The worst thing that can happen is you donate the pillows to someone else or sell them on Facebook Marketplace.  The best thing, however, is you fall IN LOVE, and that splash of color sparks your courage to truly find your OWN unique style!

Helpful Hints: 

  • Alternate pillows with varying patterns and textures to keep the look intriguing!
  • Decorate with uneven amounts of pillows for greater visual appeal
  • Choose something that can showcase your family’s style and personality.
    • read more here in another blog post dedicated to pillows

3. Outdoor Living Spaces

Nobody wants to be trapped indoors all day long.  Picnics, campfires, parties, backyard games are all reasons to enjoy the outdoors while staying home!  Ensure comfort for you and your guests as well as aesthetic appeal in your front porch, deck, patio, or pavilion with ample seating, comfortable cushions, and fun bright colors!  After all, now is your chance to get in touch with your “wild” side everybody will love!

Helpful Hints:

  • Select high performance, outdoor fabrics that will resist stains and the common wear and tear from the nature of being outside!

  • Be FUN and creative!

Schedule a Consultation

There you have it: Three simple design tips for your home that will make you either want to stay home or love coming home each and every day!  Our consultants are eager to help you with your wallpaper, upholstery, custom pillows, and outdoor furnishing needs!  Give us a call!  Together we can create your “Home Sweet Home!”