Sweet Dreams: Custom Bedding

Custom Bedding

We Do Bedding!

You spend about a third of your day in your bed, (if you are lucky) so why not make it the bed of your dreams! – no pun intended.  Stuffed and fluffed pillows of all shapes and sized a top of your king-sized bed complete with the entire bedspread not only brings a smile to your face every night you hop in, but also can really pull your room together by tying in colors, patterns, and prints from your surrounding décor.  At Ambiance Design, we are more than just window treatment specialists.  We can also provide you with custom drapery, wallpaper, upholstery, and – you guessed it, custom BEDDING through Eastern Accents Bedding!

Eastern Accents Bedding and Beyond! 

Bedspreads and Decorative Pillows

In addition to the bedspread, Eastern Accents provides bed scarves, skirts, coverlets, throw pillows, and more!

We carry Eastern Accents full bedding line which specializes in various styles of traditional and contemporary bedding, fine linens, pillows, as well as holiday décor accessories.  If you are looking for quality and comfort customized to your style, then Eastern Accents may just be the perfect choice for you.

Try A Different Route:

While Eastern Accents has an extensive line of selections, if you can’t seem to find something you like, take advantage of their Customer’s Own Material program, allowing you to choose from hundreds of fabrics available in our showroom.

Eastern Accents Tropicana Bedspread

There are so many styles to choose from to fit your personality. Check out this tropicana print!

Be YOU: Custom Bedding to Your Style 

Believe me when I say the Eastern Accents selections are absolutely gorgeous, and there truly is a bedspread for every taste and style.  From floral or feminine, to casual or masculine, traditional or classic to modern and romantic, the options are endless!  There even are collections of bedspreads of varying destinations, be it the Carefree Coastal or the Tropical Cabana collection for your shore home or cabin, or the Global Influence collection influenced by places all over the world!

Where to Begin?

At this point you are either excitedly inspired and ready for some custom bedding OR you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the options and unsure of where to begin.  Regardless of where YOU are at, WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU!  Let your first step be to give us a call at 267.898.0200 to schedule an appointment with one of our design consultants.

Our Process

  1. Design Consultations

Our showroom design consultations take about an hour, during which our remarkable consultants take your preferences, style, and budget range all into consideration to find the perfect match of all criteria!  Should you choose, they can even pay a visit to your home.

  1. Selections and Ordering

Once you fall in love with a bedspread, our consultants will take care of all the ordering for you.  If you are like me, and have trouble making decisions especially when it comes to design, décor, or spending some dough, DON’T WORRY, we can gladly order some samples of your top picks for you to take home and get a better feel for how it would look in your space!

  1. Make the Bed

In a few weeks after placing your custom order, we will receive your bedding and give you a call to set up an appointment to come out to your home and make the bed, (or just deliver it if you choose) It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 andddd…. You don’t have to count any more than those 3 sheep before you’ve drifted off to sleep in the bed of your dreams!

For more information on our bedding and to see some pictures of our recent client projects as well as our other products and services, check out our website!  Also, head on over and read our Pillow Pointers blog post to see just how much a throw pillow can do for your space!