The Wonders of Wallpaper

Phillip Jeffries water color splash wallpaper

When you hear the word “Wallpaper” your mind may (more than likely) automatically picture gaudy big flowers, pea greens, and retro styles from the 60s, causing you to cringe.  You may think it is irrelevant, outdated, and a fad of the past.  THINK AGAIN because WALLPAPER IS BACK and it is trending once again!  With unique textures, simplistic or intricate patterns, bold or subtle colors, and varying styles, wall paper is hot, giving a room character and focal points, and making that fashion statement in your home!  Read on to learn about all of these new wallpaper trends you can use in your home!

Perks and Benefits of Wallpaper!

Thibaut Eastwood wallpaper

Look at the intricate detail and texture of this                         Thibaut Eastwood wall paper

If that doesn’t excite you, check out these Top Reasons you should seriously consider wall coverings!

  • They add textures and patterns to your walls
  • Vinyl Coverings are more durable than paint
  • The process is faster AND easier than the paint-wait-dry-repeat cycle
  • More cost effective and less labor intensive than hiring an artist to achieve similar looks
  • There are endless designs and styles to suit any personality and compliment any home décor.

Wallpaper Trends

Phillip Jeffries bedroom grasscloth accent wall behind headboard

Accent walls are very popular behind the headboard of a bed.  Phillip Jeffries shown

Now that you are convinced with all of these reasons, you may need help coming up with some ideas.  Here are some current Wallpaper trends that just might ignite a spark for the design in your home!

  • Accent walls
  • Complete murals
  • Geometric shapes
  • Textiles, (silk, linen, velvet) grasscloth, wood veneer and faux bois
  • Wall coverings on the 5th wall (the ceiling)
5th wall/ceiling wallpaper trends in bedroom

Pick what you want to gaze upon at night 🙂

Non-Traditional & Other Fun Wallpaper Uses

Framed wallpaper artwork

Beautiful Wallpaper “Artwork”

But, maybe you’ve just freshly painted your home and feel at a loss or that you are missing out.  DON’T WORRY…there are so many other fun ways to incorporate wall paper in your home other than on the walls itself including…

  • wallpaper trends; wallpapered stair risersPicture frames or Gallery: used in place      of artwork
  • Back drops of a bookcase
  • Stair risers
  • On Furniture
  • and more!

So, I think I’ve made it clear that wall-paper is back and it is here to stay. The selections, uses, and styles are ENDLESS and they might just be the finishing touches needed in your home!

Stay tuned for another blog post of tid bits of advice in selecting your wall paper!

Ambiance Design, a Hunter Douglas window treatment gallery, also carries multiple vendors of wall coverings, including Phillip Jeffries, Thibaut, Sanderson, and York for you to choose between depending on your style, interests, and budget.  Give us a call at 267.898.0200 to set up an appointment with one of our design consultants who can help steer you in the right direction with your selections!