New Year's Resolutions planner

Eat Healthier.  Get in Shape.  Save Money.  Get Organized.  Sleep More.

It’s always fun to start the new year with resolutions.  What’s even more fun (or sometimes frustrating) is seeing how long you last…be it a day, a week, a month, or if you are lucky longer, beating out friends, family and co-workers.  The sad reality is that according to the Insider, 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by the beginning of February.  NOT THIS YEAR…because lucky for you, Ambiance Design has a simple solution to help you SAVE MONEY AND GET BETTER SLEEP!  That’s right…Hunter Douglas just might be the solution to your failed resolutions with many window treatment benefits you may never have thought of!

“Wait, what…How?”  Let me explain 🙂

Window Treatment Benefits

Save Money: Cutting Energy Bills

Temperatures are dropping and heating bills soaring.  Windows are the primary source of heat loss in your home, losing up to 50% of your heating and cooling energy right through the glass panes.

woman frustrated holding calculator and energy bills

All of that warm, cozy air is escaping through the panes, leaving you with two options: Freeze or Crank it up!

Hunter Douglas window treatments act as energy efficient barriers, that trap the hot air in your home in the winter (and the cool air in the summer).  Every Hunter Douglas window treatment has an energy efficiency star rating system, which includes insulation, solar heat control, daylighting, UV protection, and sound absorption.

Duette Honeycomb shades are Hunter Douglas’s most energy efficient window

Cellular structure of Hunter Douglas Duette Architella shade

Duette Architella        Honeycomb Shades

treatments, designed specifically to save energy after the energy crisis in the 70s.  Now, a more advanced “honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb” construction called Duette Architella provides even greater efficiency for your home!

There are many other options that also help combat the  energy loss in your home, helping you cut back on your energy bills and save money all year long!

Get Better Sleep

Everyone is busy…that is just the nature of Americans.  Work, Household duties, family commitments, extra-curricular activities and responsibilities leave little time for sleep and it becomes low on the priority scale.  However, too little sleep can negatively effect your overall health, including your nervous, digestive, respiratory, immune, and cardiovascular system as well as your mood and functioning ability.  Yet, it still gets swept under the bed (pun intended). Even if you do set aside enough time for a good night’s rest, it may be shortened with the early rising of the bright sun.  Some people once awake cannot fall back asleep, which could be a big problem in getting those full 8 hours.

“So what can window treatments do for me?” you ask.

1) Room Darkening

Dark master bedroom with Designer Banded Shades providing light control

Window treatments can give you better light control, keeping your room nice and dark and you in a nice, deep sleep.  Many options have room darkening or light filtering fabric types for your preference!

Or, perhaps you are not affected by the light, but your little ones are bouncing off the walls at 6 a.m. on your day off rearing to go.  Blackout or room darkening shades can help them go to sleep early at night and stay asleep longer in the morning, giving you that much needed sleep and “me-time.”

2) PowerView Motorization on a Schedule

To make things more convenient for you, you can use PowerView Motorization to Smart phones with the PowerView mobile appoperate your shades and use the schedule feature to set your shades to rise and lower at specific times of day.  You can have them set to go down at night and rise at 8 am for the morning!  Quick, Easy, and Beneficial!

Well, there you have it!  Don’t be a statistic…let us help you keep two very important resolutions for 2018!




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