Quick & Easy Tips for Cleaning Window Treatments

Sun Shining + Flowers Blooming = Spring Cleaning

cleaning supplies, bottles, and gloves

Some people love it: getting organized, clearing spaces, fixer upper projects, and starting fresh.  Others hate it: an endless task, figuring out what to keep and what to toss, and at a loss of where to begin.  As always, Ambiance Design has your back!  So, when it comes to cleaning window treatments, we have some Do’s and Don’ts to follow to make the whole process more manageable.

Where to Begin?

When cleaning your window treatments, it is important to use the correct methods, chemicals, and products to use as well as to avoid.  We will get into that all later, but first, amuse me with an open and honest evaluation.

Filthy mini blinds to be replaced

Say Goodbye and toss it out!  Come visit us at our showroom to pick out your NEW Hunter Douglas window treatments!

Take a mini field trip to your window treatments.  If they are caked in dust, ripped, torn, or smell REALLY bad, you might just want to call us to replace them with brand new Hunter Douglas products of your choice.  However, if just a little TLC is needed, we have the perfect solutions and suggestions for you.  So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to clean!

Cleaning Window Treatments Techniques

Hunter Douglas window treatments are high quality products that are designed to require little maintenance, but now and again, you may find it necessary to do some fine tuning.

  • Dusting

 Simple, light dusting will make your Hunter Douglas shades, shutters, and wood blinds look like new again.  DO NOT use magnetic cleaners on any light-dimming fabrics as this will damage it.

  • Vacuuming
lady cleaning window treatments with vacuum brush attachment

Make vertical strokes with the brush attachments of your vacuums

The brush attachments on vacuums can be used with gentle vertical strokes on your shades.  DO NOT use a brush attachment or vertical strokes on Luminette Privacy Sheers, as it will result in creasing the fabric.  Also DO NOT vacuum both the Architella Elan and Architella Elan Eclipse fabrics.

  • Blowing

Many people are tempted to take a hair dryer to their shades.  We HIGHLY RECOMMEND using a can of compressed air instead as the heat from a blower can melt or burn your fabrics, especially that of the Silhouette Window Shadings.  IF you must use a hair dryer, make sure it is on a NON-HEAT setting and you hold it at least 8” away from the fabric.

Cleaning Products to Use

Spot cleaning with mild detergents is a commonly recommended option for cleaning your window treatments.  We suggest using a non-abrasive detergent that has no additives and a clean, white cloth.  TAKE NOTE however, that NOT ALL Hunter Douglas window treatments can be spot cleaned due to their fabrics and design.  Please download the Hunter Douglas Care & Cleaning Brochure (available on the Hunter Douglas website under each product’s Manuals tab) for specific instructions, methods, and products to use for your window treatments.

“Shoe Fly, Don’t Bother Me”

lady using an air compressed can to remove dust and bugs from cellular shades

Air compressed cans work best to remove dust and bugs especially in the Honeycomb air pockets of Duette Shades

Bugs, gnats, and flies: a common culprit to find stuck in the beautiful fabric of your window treatments.  The annoying buzz, the pesty fly in your face, and the irritating bites all cause you to be fed up and seek revenge.  Before you grab your favorite pest control spray or wand, take a DEEP breath.  Then blow 🙂 Ok, so it might be easier to use a can of compressed air than your own windpipes, but you get the picture.  Again, if you must use a hair dryer, make sure it is on the COOL setting.  This will prevent damage to the delicate fabrics.  There’s nothing worse than a smooshed bug, smear stains, or tears and rips, all of which can be easily avoided.

Bring in the Pros

Burdick's family portrait in front of their company van

Some cleaning methods are more advanced and intricate, which we recommend bringing in a professional.  While we do not perform cleaning services, we do HIGHLY recommend our trusted local source: Burdick’s Cleaning of Sellersville!

Injection/Extraction Cleaning

This is where a cleaning solution is injected into the fabric to extract the dirt at the same time.  It is essentially a deep cleaning method, leaving your shades like new.  Use a DRY method for your fabric covered head rails and valances.  Do not use the liquid solutions.

Ultrasonic Cleaning
ultrasonic tank

Ultrasonic cleaning involves immersing the product in a big tank of cleaning solution, requiring you to remove your window treatments (to which we also recommend having a professional do).  We would be happy to take down and re-hang your shades to avoid damage to your Hunter Douglas shades.

Both of the above methods are regarded by Hunter Douglas as safe and effective for specific window treatments.  Again, make sure to take a look at the Operation Manual for your specific Hunter Douglas product.

Clean Away!

smiling woman touching her clean mini blinds

You’re all set: Grab the necessary tools, turn up the radio, and clean away!  You will feel so much better when you’re done, and your shades will too.  And again, if your window treatments have lived a long, full life, but need to retire, be sure to give us a call!  We would love to help you select new Hunter Douglas treatments for your home!


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