Not Your Average House Flipper: Brick House Designs



You’ve heard the saying, “Team-Work makes the Dream Work!”  This statement holds true when it comes to our collaboration as window treatment experts with our talented designers in transforming a homeowner’s space into their favorite place to be!  We would not have had the level of success and the amount of opportunities brought our way if it wasn’t for the many designers we have partnered with over the years, such as Kendra Feeney of Brick House Designs!

Meet the Designer: Kendra Feeney

Owner of Brick House Designs: Kendra Feeney

Kendra Feeney, owner of Brick House Designs, is one designer we have recently had the pleasure of connecting and working together with on various projects!  Kendra got her start in the industry unexpectedly by flipping houses.  In 2008, Kendra and her husband began buying homes with the goal to rent them out after renovating them.  With no prior experience, she learned on the job firsthand by the craftspeople that she worked with.  Unlike other house flippers, looking for speed and simplicity, Kendra devoted countless time and effort into the entire design process.  Her desire was to produce a home that was both beautiful and functional for the new homeowner.  Shortly after a few successful sales, some of the homeowners that had seen her work reached out to Kendra to ask for a hand in helping to design and renovate their own homes.  As a result, Brick House Designs was born with its future looking bright!  Kendra had spent the previous 20+ years working as a Medical Oncologist; however, her partner in medicine retired, making it the perfect timing to focus on her design firm as a full time career!

Making Others’ Homes Beautifully Theirs


Series of 3 interior designed spaces - kitchen, kitchen nook, and entryway nook.


Kendra describes her style as “traditional with a ton of color,” as she loves patterns and layers of texture.  Despite her preferences, Kendra starts every client interaction by ensuring them that it is their home, not hers, and that she will help them find their own style.  More often than not though, it seems her clients tend to fall in love with the suggestions Kendra offers that are full of design and patterns, even if it is something that may be out of the box they have stayed within in the past!  That is what she loves about design – the ability to help people take “risks” and find their true style with the comfort of having her guidance and expertise.  Kendra sums it up simply: “the mission of Brick House Designs is to make others’ homes beautifully theirs.”

Value of Working with Window Treatment Experts

Interestingly enough, Kendra found out about Ambiance Design through one of her clients!  This client had previously purchased her sliding door window treatment through us and loved her experience as well as the product, so she wanted to get more!  This time, she had the additional support of Kendra to help transform her first floor!

This experience has forever changed Brick House designs for the better, as Kendra now has a trusted window treatment source to go to!  A lot goes into custom window treatments, as their are countless shade types, operation systems, measurements to take, fabrics to select, and more.  Kendra expressed that “Ambiance is wonderful to work with and makes my job much easier.”  She has all her realms of expertise, we have ours, and together it is a perfect collaboration!  Kendra shared with us that we help “take the worry of this part of the project off her shoulders” and that she can rest assured because she knows that “no matter what we pick or design, it will be manufactured perfectly and installed beautifully.”  

That is our goal when we work together with designers: to lighten their load and work together to create a beautiful space for our clients.  It is not about us.  It is not about the designer.  It is about how we can collaborate with one another to do our best work that will leave a lasting impact in the lives of our clients!

Let’s Get in Touch!

Whether you are a homeowner looking for a hand in design or a designer looking for a hand with window treatments, we can help!  Follow Kendra Feeney on instagram @brickhousedesigns and visit her website here!  

Contact us at 267.898.0200  or visit our website to learn more about our Interior Designer Partnership Program!

We look forward to working with you soon!