Make the Smart Choice! Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorized Window Treatments

Hunter Douglas Vignette PowerView Motorized window treatments in kitchen

Invest in Your Home the Smart Way

Buyer’s Remorse…it’s a terrible thing.  Because, let’s face it, nobody likes having regrets!  When it comes to making investments in your home, I would imagine you’d want to make smart decisions that never lead to the “should’ve, wish I would’ve” remarks.  You desire quality products that will last and add convenience and simplicity rather than more work and frustration to your day.  You probably also would like up-to-date furnishings and appliances that are trending rather than on their way out.  Dare I say, the goal is to find products with a lot of cool features and benefits to you that make a big statement in your home, not on your checking account 🙂  Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization fulfills all of these wishes with their motorized window treatments!

What Exactly is PowerView Motorization?

PowerView pebble remote and App

PowerView is Hunter Douglas’s newest, award winning operating system for motorized window treatments, allowing you to operate your shades with the touch of the button or automatically when programmed to your schedule.  Its popularity speaks volumes as the recipient of the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award in 2018 for both the PowerView Hub and Repeater.  PowerView is available as the Pebble Remote Control, Pebble Scene Controller, or the PowerView app, each of which eliminate the hassle of cords and wands while providing other features and benefits you can read more about here.

Would You Rather?  Benefits of PowerView!

Still not convinced that having PowerView motorized window treatments would benefit you that much in a day?  Let’s play a game of Would You Rather, to learn about some of the biggest and sought-after benefits PowerView offers shall we?

Convenience and Time

Would you rather spend your busy mornings and exhausted evenings running around opening and closing each shade individually, climbing behind the sofa and reaching up on your tippee toes OR would you rather operate your shades with a simple touch of a button, maybe even all at once if you choose?

Solera Soft Shades with PowerView motorization in living room

With the PowerView pepple remote, you can operate multiple shades in groups or 6 treatments individually.  You can also set “favorites” adjusting your shades to the exact position you desire.

Energy Efficiency and UV Protection

Would you rather lose heat through your windows in the winter and have the AC cranked in the summer OR would you rather lower your energy bills all year long?

heat loss index diagram of house

Windows are the biggest source of heat loss and transfer in your home.


Using the schedule feature (described above) you can schedule your shades to close during high peak temperature times to keep your home nice and cool and your furnishings protected from damaging UV rays.  In the winter, you can take advantage of that midday sun’s heat and open your shades to get some extra warmth. 

Custom to YOUR Schedule

Would you rather wake up to an obnoxious alarm or would you rather wake up to the sun peeking through your windows at just the right time?

Top-Down Bottom-Up Hunter Douglas Honeycomb shades in bedroom

With PowerView motorization, you can set your shades to operate at specific times of day, coordinating to your schedule.  Set your shades to rise at 7am for natural lighting to start your day.  Have your shades close at 9pm for privacy through the night.  If you keep your shades closed while away at work, you can set them to open automatically a little bit before you come home so that your desired lighting and privacy is all set when you walk through the door.


Would you rather have another system and remote or would you rather integrate all of your smart technology together, all in one place?

PowerView home automation integration

Hunter Douglas’s PowerView Motorized window treatments can be integrated with some of the top home automation control systems out there, including amazon alexa, Google Assistant, Nest, IFTTT, Logitech Harmony Home, Control 4, and more.  Or, you can even operate your shades with your Apple iOS and Android Smartphones through the handy PowerView App!

Child & Pet Safe

Would you rather have to worry about your kids and pets yanking cords and wands, potentially causing themselves harm OR would you rather be stress free with shades that eliminate those concerns completely.

Hunter Douglas child safe motorized Duette Honeycomb shades in playroom

With PowerView Motorization, you can rest assured that your kids and pets are completely safe!  They are even simple enough for your kids to operate once they get a little older, without having to worry about them breaking anything!

Pick up your phone and dial 267.898.0200 to set up an appointment to come operate the various motorized treatments in our showroom and place an order for your own!  We can’t wait to work with you!