Hunter Douglas Luminette, Vertical Sheers


The Hunter Douglas Luminette Privacy Sheers are gorgeous vertical sheers perfect for large windows, sliding doors, and sidelights!

These vertical sheers feature eight different fabric collections that are designed for all different styles and looks.

Along with the different types of fabrics, you have 3 stacking options with Luminettes.

There is also the option to get a tilt only where your shade is stationary and you are able to move the vanes to be opened or closed. You normally see this design type in narrow openings like a sidelight.

Somethings to watch out for and consider when working with Luminettes.

Side Overlap

Side Overlap

Side Overlap is a recommended option to help with privacy and light control for sheers that are mounted farther out than the window or door.

Top Overlap

Top Overlap

The header is constructed using two layers of fabric. This may cause opacity variations where the fabric header transitions to sheer when back lit. The recommended top overlap for outside mount applications is 5 inches to help with this issue.



Tenting occurs when the fabric panel appears to flare out at the bottom while open (stacked). To help stop this as much as possible, do not pull the stack tightly.



The stack-back is the width of the panel created when the fabric is stacked into the open position.  By widening the overall shade further than the opening, you can make the stack not cover or partially cover the opening.

Light Gap

Light Gaps

We do not recommend Luminette’s as an inside mount because of the system and positioning of the vanes.  When closed, light gaps will occur, preventing complete privacy and the ability to cut out all light.

The Luminette sheer comes in three different operating systems:

PowerView Motorization allows you to move the shade completely open or closed as well as tilting the vanes open or shut once the shade is closed.

The traveling wand is attached to the top of the treatment. You pull the wand left or right to open or close the shade and then twist the wand to move the vanes opened or closed.

The Combination wand and cord control gives you two systems on one shade. You stand in place and move the shade open and closed with a continuous cord loop system from the top of the shade and use the wand to tilt the vanes.

The Luminette Privacy Sheer is part of a Hunter Douglas rebate from now until June 27th, so come into our Gallery or check out our website for information.