Hunter Douglas Specialty Shaped Treatments

Don’t Get Bent Out of Shape: Window Treatment Solutions for All Shapes and Sizes

Angles, arches, eyebrows, circles, and more, specialty shape windows can leave you stumped when it comes to figuring out how to cover them.  Lucky for you, your challenging windows are no match for us!   With both fixed and moveable options, Hunter Douglas has developed a variety of creative specialty shaped treatments for all shapes and sizes.  So, before you get all “bent out of shape” trying to figure it out on your own, take a look below at our common recommendations to best fit your unique situation!


Hunter Douglas Specialty Shaped Window Treatments

Specialty shaped windows are unique focal points in your home that may also contribute to light control and privacy concerns.

To Cover or Not 

Specialty shaped windows can be a trademark of your home, giving your space a unique touch, making some homeowners wanting to leave them untreated as a focal point.  However, there are a few possible scenarios that would lead you to needing to cover these specialty windows.  For example, perhaps you have a large semi-circle arched window in your living room, that while gorgeous, contributes to the unbearable sun glare across your flat screen.  Or perhaps the sun beams down through the top angled window in your son’s bedroom, waking him up early and leaving him cranky… or yourself.  Or, maybe you are sick of feeling exposed your bathroom with its circular window acting as a gateway to the rest of the world.

Whatever the reason, we are able to assist you with multiple options in various Hunter Douglas treatments to ensure that your concerns are addressed, and your frustrations alleviated!


Popular Hunter Douglas Specialty Shaped Treatments!

Angled Hunter Douglas Plantation Shutters

Hunter Douglas Palm Beach Polysatin window treatments are a great choice for unique angled windows.


Hunter Douglas arched Honeycomb window treatments

These Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb arched shades are operable, providing added light control and convenience!

When it comes to specialty shaped windows, Hunter Douglas shutters offer you the most options.  Be it a triangle, arch, quarter circle, oval, or even various multi-sided shapes such as pentagons and octagons, a Shutter can be custom made to your exact window shape.  Heritance Hardwood and Newstyle Hybrid Shutters can basically be made for any shape and the Palm Beach Shutters can fit to  most common specialty shapes too!  Shutters are practical and common choice because you can still keep some natural light

Honeycomb Shades 

Hunter Douglas Duette and Applause Honeycomb shades are another great option for specialty shapes, especially arched windows.  In case you were curious, arches themselves can come in a variety of sizes and configurations such as half circle, half moon, quarter circle, stationary, extended, and more.   The Honeycombs wide fabric selections, superb energy efficiency, and even some operable options all contribute to them being a popular treatment for arches, angles, polygons, skylights, sidelights, and more.

Windows of All Unique Shapes and Sizes

Hunter Douglas shades for arched specialty shape windows

These elongated arched windows are treated with the stunning Hunter Douglas Pirouette Window Shadings.


While arches, angles, and ovals are the most common specialty shaped windows in homes, we don’t discriminate against the more unique and rare shapes such as trapezoids, hexagons, and octagons.  For your convenience, I have developed an extensive list of shapes along with the options available for each within Hunter Douglas below.


Chart of Hunter Douglas specialty shape window treatment options


Give Us a Call!

As you can see, there are many solutions to your specialty shaped windows for you to choose from.  Both operable and stationary options are available, allowing you to address your concerns of function and purpose and/or design and style!

Pick up the phone and give us a call at 267.898.0200 to set up an appointment to come in and discuss your project.  Of course we always recommend you bring in pictures of your space, a budget range, and any rough measurements to give us a better idea of how we can best inform and assist you!


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