Home for the Holidays: Prepping Your Home for Guests

Hunter Douglas Luminette and Silhouette Window Shadings in dining room decorated for holidays

Luminette Privacy Sheers and Silhouette Shadings

Tis the Season: Prep Your Home for the Holidays

The chestnuts might not be roasting on an open fire quite yet, but we are fast approaching fall, and we all know what happens after that.  The leaves change, the temperature drops, the hours in your day escape you, and before you know it, it’s time to carve the turkey.  We know the holiday rush, and we understand the importance of having a beautiful home for your family and friends when they come as guests.  So, we wanted to help you start planning to get your space looking in tip-top shape with some tips and advice in how to prep your home for the holidays!

Deck the Halls

Decorating your home for the holidays is a big task that takes strategic planning and precision in deciding how it should all look.  In fact, many people take pride in their decorations…the lights, snowmen, figurines, candles, Santas, or whatever you fancy.  It probably is beautiful, yet somehow, someway, your mother-in-law always finds something to critique.  “What could I possibly be missing?” you ask yourself.  Look no further than outside your window panes because soft treatment draperies add the perfect finishing touch to any room. You can choose from so many colors, designs, and styles that will dress up your home, leaving your guests impressed and your mother-in-law speechless.  Ambiance Design sells 5 different lines of soft treatments (including Duralee and Robert Allen) with over 350 books of fabric to suit your exact taste and personality in your home, and our consultants can help you narrow it done to make the right choice!

Winter Warmth

Pennsylvania weather is so unpredictable lately.  We’ve had some very harsh winters in the single digits, causing you to have to pile on the layers and crank up the heat raising your monthly bill.  Wouldn’t you rather spend that extra money that you are using to heat your home on food, decorations, and presents for your holiday parties and family gatherings?  5% of total energy in the U.S. is lost through windows.  The simplest solution to this concerning issue is to invest in window treatments.  Many of the Hunter Douglas products we offer, be it Duette Honeycomb shades, Heritance Hardwood shutters, or Parkland Wood blinds, and more are energy efficient, thus keeping the brisk air out and trapping the welcomed heat inside your home.  After all, you don’t want grandma freezing over there in the corner as you pass around her pumpkin pie.  Many treatments (such as Silhouettes or Pirouettes) also enable you to keep that beautiful view of the snowflakes falling on the ground and the birds feeding at your big oak tree.  We can help you find the right balance of light control, view-through, and energy efficiency that you are looking for in your home!

Cute and Comfy

Things are looking good now: your guests are impressed and they are warm as they enjoy each other’s company.  The only thing left is to make sure they are comfortable.  Whether they are spending the night in your guest suite or just hanging out for the evening in your living room, pillows can add comfort and a level of cuteness to any room.  Ambiance Design exclusively sells Eastern Accents bedding line, and through that you can pick out throw pillows for your bed or sofa.  Again, the options are endless as you decide on color and design, shape and size.  What’s more welcoming to a bedroom than a bed full of fancy, fun, original, complimenting pillows?  They help to fill in the spaces of any room by adding dimension, color, and style too.  Check out the Eastern Accents website to see for yourself how pillows can make your room complete.

Also, read my “Pillow Pointers” post for some simple ideas for a fresh new look!

Don’t Wait Any Longer!

So, as the summer comes to an end and the kids go back to school, set some time aside to start your new project with us at Ambiance Design.  Visit our website for more information, give us a call to set up a consultation, and stop by our showroom to say hello and become a part of our family!  Hunter Douglas’s “Season of Style Savings Event” has many promotional offers for you to receive rebates on select products!  Once you choose the treatments you love, we will have them ordered, shipped, and installed in your home well before your family and friends come walking through the door!

Visit the Hunter Douglas website for more ideas of how to decorate with your window treatments and prep your home for the holidays!

Leave a comment and let us know how you like to decorate your home? Are you a pumpkin perfectionist, a light enthusiast, or a snowman specialist?

What do you most look forward to this coming holiday season?