Hire the Pros to Avoid Woes: Installing Window Treatments

Hunter Douglas Pirouette window shadings in office bay window

Regret, Disbelief, and Frustration. 

This is not what it should look like – poorly measured windows

A natural born handy-man, Jason was enjoying the remodeling process of his home until…the window treatments.  His wife Hannah picked out the fabrics and style while he took the measurements.  A few weeks later after a trip to JCPenny and installing their window treatments, they found themselves blatantly staring in disbelief.  Why? Because their new shades left unsightly light gaps, not covering the window in its entirety and to be frank, looked shameful.

The Illusion: Measuring Windows

diagram of how to measure a window's length and width

You’ve been fooled!  Despite what it looks like, your windows are not perfectly square and uniform.  Go see for yourself and measure your windows.  But here’s the kicker, in order to get accurate measurements for purchasing window treatments, your windows need to be measured in 3 places for both height and width as well as on both diagonals.

Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades and Skyline Panels

Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades and Skyline

If you are looking for quality, form fitting window treatments that look amazing, then custom window treatments are your best bet.  Hunter Douglas products are all custom made to your exact window, taking into consideration different mounting options, headrails, deductions, frame types, and more, all of which can affect the measurements recorded for your specific window treatment order.  For instance, the mounting option you choose, (inside or outside) will determine which length and width of the 3 spots is actually used.

Precision + Professionalism = Perfection! 

Installing window treatments

Austin, one of our installers, is shown here screwing in the brackets of the Hunter Douglas vertical treatments for this sliding glass door.

Ensure the perfect fit and work with the Pros!  Our installers are fully trained through Hunter Douglas and certified to be able to install your treatments correctly and efficiently. Dan, Co-Owner and Installer has done additional training in Colorado to become a Master Installer of Hunter Douglas treatments.  He also is extremely knowledgeable in motorization and the technology behind it.  Austin, came to AD Window Treatments (formally Ambiance Design) with a couple years of experience in construction, which is reflected in his quality installations.

Leica Disto laser technology

The Leica Disto laser technology tool

Technology and Tools

As with most jobs, technology has advanced, allowing for increased speed, accuracy, and convenience. The Leica Disto does just that, using laser technology to provide exact measurement readings you can trust, which is important in minimizing light gaps and in providing a flush, clean look!

Of course, some instances call for the ol’ trusty tape measurer, and there is also a telescoping ruler which is great for seeing if the window is in square and for shutters.  Regardless of the tools used, you can be confident that our consultants and installers take their time to get it done right and then follow up with a check measure before ordering your window treatments.

Installing Window Treatments: What to Expect

Installing Hunter Douglas Roller Shades

Once your product is ordered and shipped, we will contact you to set up an installation date.  At this appointment, one or both of our installers will show up at your door on time with all of the tools and equipment needed for the job, as well as clean booties to keep your floors spotless.  A few drills and screws later, your window treatments will be beautifully installed in your home, taking on average 15-25 minutes per window.

Come to AD Window Treatments

Don’t be Jason and Hannah, sacrificing quality and satisfaction to save a few pennies.  Rather come to AD Window Treatments to work with our fully trained and certified staff, helping you from consultations to installations. We pride ourselves in both our products and our work, which is why our installation services are guaranteed for LIFE.

What are you waiting for?  Swing by our showroom and let’s get started together!