From Shame to Glory: Ambiance Design’s Furniture Upholstery Services

upholstered chair with navy floral front and green geometric back

The Cry for Help

Shabby and torn, ripped and stain, hideous and outdated – your furniture sags, smells, and sits in utter shame.  Be it a dining room or lounge chair, an old sofa, or outdoor patio cushions, your furniture may hold with it many memories and sentimental value, making it hard for you to let go. Perhaps memories of your grandfather fast asleep on his big armchair bring you a smile or maybe you have the perfect dining room set for your large family gatherings.  Or, it might simply be – YOU JUST LOVE THAT SOFA. Pushed aside in the corner or stored away for keepsake, that old ragged chair has seen its last days.  Or has it?  At Ambiance Design, we just may be able to help salvage your piece of furniture and bring new life to it once again with our furniture upholstery services!

S.O.S. “Save Our Sofa” ripped, stained, and outdated gold wingback chair in need of upholstery services

If your piece of furniture exhibits any of the below qualities, think twice before you toss it aside or replace it

  • Ripped or torn
  • Stained and soiled
  • Frayed and worn
  • Ugly and outdated

If the structural part of your chair is still perfectly fine and in good condition but cosmetically the fabric cushions could use a little help, then upholstery may be a great option for you to consider!  Our team at Ambiance Design would be happy to guide you through our upholstery services!


The Make-Over: Our Upholstery Process

man providing furniture upholstery services on a sofa in his workroom

Should you wish to utilize our upholstery services, the process is super simple:

  1. Project Inquiry and Details

Give us a call informing us of your upholstery project details.  It is always helpful if you send pictures of your furniture included with measurements

  1. Fabric Selections

If you already have fabrics picked out and purchased, you can bring them in OR you can schedule a time to pick out fabrics from our hundreds of books of multiple vendors available in our showroom.  The options are endless, allowing you to coordinate with your surrounding décor and space all while staying true to your personality and taste!

If too many choices overwhelm you, simply inform one of our consultants of the types of fabric you are looking for (colors, prints, style) and they can pull some options for you to consider before your appointment!

  1. Furniture Drop off or Pick up

You can drop off your cushions and furniture at our showroom during our showroom hours or if you need assistance, we can arrange a time to come out to your home and pick them up.

  1. To the Workroom

Once your fabric is ordered to the necessary dimensions, we will send everything to our workroom to complete the upholstery project in a timely manner.  We then will give you a call for you to either pick up your gorgeous “new” piece or we can schedule a drop off time at your home!

The Finished Product: Good as New Furniture!

The word is out: clients are learning that we do more than just window treatments.  We have been increasingly busy with upholstery projects, so I thought I’d take this time (and space) to share some of our recent projects!


before and after of upholstered blue dining room chair seat cushions

Dining room chair cushions are one of our most popular upholstery projects. No more stains with this refreshing blue fabric!


Victorian style upholstered furniture before and after

You may not notice how faded your furniture is until you see what it could or should be 🙂


before and after of Wingback chair with bright pink and white fabric

We love showing off this “Flamingo” chair in our showroom. It really catches the eyes of our guests, especially our designer friends!


Gray upholstered window bench seat

A lovely window bench seat with new fabric.


before and after upholstered dining room chair cushions with shades of blue Kravet fabric

These dining room chair cushions were in dire need of change. These were ripped underneath, covered in stains, and completely worn, but now are simply gorgeous.


If you have a sofa, cushion, or chair in need of some tender-loving care, don’t hesitate to give us a call and inquire about our upholstery services!  We would love to help you out!  267.898.0200