Challenge Accepted! Solving a Client’s Unexpected Problem Outdoors!

Pavilion garage with Rainier outdoor shades

What A Bummer!

Have you ever gotten your hopes up only to have them fall flat before your face?  Perhaps you go to RedBox to rent the new movie release you’ve been dying to see, only to find out it is out of stock.  Or, maybe you have been craving that gourmet slice of mushroom and extra cheese pizza only to be set back by the burnt crust.  Some bummers, such as these are minor-although still very frustrating; however, our client’s unexpected problem was a tad bit more noteworthy.

The Unexpected Problem

Grilling, picnics, outdoor movies, and more, our client Scott loves spending time with family and friends all summer long on his Pavilion Patio.  A relaxing atmosphere with delicious food and lovely company always results in a great time.  However, this all quickly changed to an unbearable experience after one small landscaping adjustment.  Wanting to clear out the yard to create more space, Scott removed the existing trees along the sides of his property line.  It wasn’t long before he realized the problem that was created: a vast wind tunnel, making time spent out by the pavilion “unbearable and unenjoyable.”  This being a huge disappointment, as his pavilion could no longer serve its purpose, Scott hoped to find a solution.

Up-to-Par Referral

Gulph Mills Golf Course

Connections are often made in the most random places that you would’ve never thought of.  Be it your future spouse or employer or a professional business connection, you just never know how and where you might meet someone that will impact your life.  For Scott, this came while playing golf at a private Philly area country club. Scott was admiring the beautiful pavilion space made perfect for weddings and parties with exterior shading systems.  The owners at the club informed him that it was a Rainier exterior shading system, installed by yours truly: Ambiance Design.

When asking if they would recommend us, they responded with “Whole-Heartedly: everything was seamless with one point of contact,” which is exactly what Scott needed to hear.

Coming Together

Jon Domers owner of Domer Construction

Jon Domers of Domers Construction

Upon receiving the call from Scott requesting a consultation and explaining his situation, we knew we would need to bring in some additional help to alter the pavilion to be able to accept the Rainier shading system.  Jon Domers, a close friend, trusted business partner, and owner of Domers Construction, was not only willing to lend a hand, but excited to take on this challenge unlike anything he had done before.

Professionalism + Precision = Perfection

Ambiance Design installers and men from Domers Construction installing Rainier outdoor shades

The process of completing the project was very detailed and involved, requiring a lot of brainstorming and precise calculations for the pavilion to accept the new shading system. This included removing all 6 of the existing column wraps, building a soffit extension, and incorporating the new channels into the column wraps. Boral, a renewable product made of repurposed fly-ash that expands and contracts less than plastic, making it more durable, was used to make the new column wraps.

Rainier outdoor shades headrail installed in the cavity of pavilion

Cavity for convenient access to motor for maintenance

The biggest challenge was finding a solution to enable for convenience in maintenance every couple of years.  Being that the Rainier Recessed Side Retention System has a concealed tracking method that allows the shadings to be up and away, out of sight, any maintenance would require tearing apart the top, only to be rebuilt again.  Jon used special clips that allowed for a cavity to be created to have easy access to the motor.

In recapping this project, Jon stated:

“Overall, it was a successful project.  Everything worked out well, and it was both challenging and fun.”

Saving the Day…and the Season with Outdoor Shades!

Scott’s pavilion can serve its purpose yet again, and for longer in the season, thanks to the hard work of the Ambiance Design and Domer Construction teams as well as the quality Rainier Shading System. Engineered, designed, and assembled in the USA, these systems are constructed with aluminum components making them long lasting as well as water and wind resistant.  That unbearable wind is no longer an issue and the harsh sun glare across the TV can easily be blocked.  The outdoor shades also provide excellent energy efficiency, saving you money from heating and cooling costs.

Exterior view of pavilion with shades closed and interior view with shades open

Scott was ecstatic about his new outdoor space:

“My family has been able to extend the use of our pavilion later into the season because the outdoor shades keep the heat in and the wind down.  We love it!”

finished garage pavilion with Rainier outdoor motorized screen shades

We pride ourselves in exceeding our client’s expectations, and this project was one of the coolest ones of the year: fostering teamwork, collaboration, and a great change of environment in working outdoors!

A huge THANK YOU to Jon Domers in all his efforts, Rainier Systems for their excellent outdoor shades and products, as well as to the Country Club for referring Scott, and to Scott for choosing our team!

Give us a call to learn more about how you too can create a great outdoor living space with Rainier Shading Systems!