Bouncing Ideas Off the Walls: Considerations in Wallpaper Selections

Decisions…Decisions…How to Make Wallpaper Selections

rolls of wallpaper selections

Making wallpaper selections for your home can be a daunting task if you don’t have an eye for design or a knack for home décor.  There are many aspects to consider when hanging wall paper in your home, such as style, color, number of walls, texture, and more!  It is our job and privilege to be able to assist you in these decisions by providing simple steps, along with professional tips and expert advice from our design consultants to make the process enjoyable and FUN!


Modern living room with brown wallpaper with outlines of flowers in silver

The first step when delving into your wallpaper journey is to take note of the style of your home. Whether your home be of traditional, contemporary, transitional, modern, farmhouse, retro, Victorian, or vintage style, you can be sure there are books of wall-paper prints that would work nicely in your space, maintaining the overall desired look and feel of your home.

Choosing the Wall(s):

Next you have to decide which wall(s) you want to hang wall-paper in.

There are a few options to consider: 

  1. All four walls
  2. Three walls of one print and an accent with another print
  3. Single Accent Wall
  4. Ceilings

(see below for tips on choosing the right accent wall)

Color Craze:

violet cool-toned monochromatic bedroom with grasscloth wallpaper

This violet cool-toned wall-covering evokes serenity and sticks with the monochromatic scheme of the surrounding decor colors, while also balancing out the various patterns!

Color considerations come next, and it is a BIG factor because color not only affects the mood of your space, but your own mood too!  Bright, warm colors evoke emotions of happiness and excitement, where cooler colors bring serenity, peace, and thoughts of nature.

Much of what you learned about color in my previous “Dress to Impress With Draperies” blog can be applied to wall-coverings too.  If you haven’t read it, check it out!  Here is a brief recap of tips for you.

Avoid clashing colors between your home décor, furniture, and wallpaper!  Instead choose…

  • Complimentary/Contrasting colors– opposite each other on the color wheel making them stand out and POPComplementary, analogous, and triadic color wheels
  • Analogous colors– sections in thirds of the wheel with similar tones that are eye-pleasing
  • Monochromatic colors– stick with the same tints, tones, and shades giving a look of consistency

Choose colors that will help make your space appear larger (if confined) or smaller (if large and empty)

  • Lighter colors: enlarge a room
  • Darker colors: give a more cozy, enclosed feel

If you are at a loss of where to begin with color, take advantage of our color consultation services!

Patterns & Textures:

Large scale green print Thibaut wallpaper with matching dining room chair cushions

This Thibaut wall-covering has large scale patterns that also coordinate with the patterned fabric of the chairs!

Solid, floral, geometric shapes, stripes, dots, metallic, grass cloth, vinyl, velvet, silk, animal prints, and on and on and on….AHHH is your head spinning?  Calm down, there is a method to the madness in narrowing down your wallpaper selections and figuring out what direction you should go in when it comes to picking patterns and textures.

  • Room Size- First, consider the size of your space.
    • Large scale patterns create the most visual interest in a room
      • perfect for large, expansive rooms, giving it more of an intimate feel, making the room seem smaller.
      • Makes an empty room seem fuller
    • Smaller prints/patterns
      • make a room appear more spacious
      • common in confined spaces such as powder rooms, bathrooms, kitchens
    • Stripes
      • Vertical lines make ceilings seem higher
      • Horizontal stripes make rooms appear wider
  • Flaws and Imperfections- cover any architectural imperfections, etc. with textured patterns
  • Mix and Match- if you want to mix and match patterns within your home décor, do so tastefully.
    • Pick a couple varieties with the same color hues/tones.
    • Use different size scale patterns (nothing should be the same scale as the wall paper)
    • Use pattern breaks with solids

Trending Now – Accent Walls:

Accent walls are HOT and TRENDY right now.  Why?  Because it is a simple and fun way to add style and flare to a room or make a subtle, but impressive statement!

So, how do you pick this accent wall?  While you can just close your eyes, spin around and point at a wall, there are some little tricks of the trade in picking the best wall.

Specific Rooms

Phillip Jeffries tone-on-tone accent wallpaper in master bedroom

This Phillip Jeffries wall-covering is perfect for the master suite for a tone-on-tone, behind the headboard accent wall!

  • Bedroom
    • The wall behind your headboard of the master bed is the best choice
  • Living/Family Room
    • We recommend the first wall that you see when walking into the room since it already draws your eye is the focus
    • Pick the wall that features something such as a fireplace, or bump out section of a wall, to draw more attention to that feature
  • Kitchen/Dining Room
kitchen and dining room with dark blue accent wall

This is the perfect choice for an accent wall for many reasons, including it highlights the artistic mirrors, separates the dining room from the kitchen, and is the first wall you see upon entering!

  • Highlight any focal points on the walls (mirrors, paintings, large windows, decorative shelving of plates, china, figurines)
  • Tie together the colors in the kitchen with the colors in the dining room with an accent wall!

Generic Guidelines and Suggestions in Wallpaper Selections

  • Focal Points
brick style wallpaper at window seat wall cutout in bedroom

The focal point here is the lovely window seat below the uniquely shaped cutout of the room.

Pick a focal point in the room, such as architectural features including sloped, angled, or arched walls, bump outs, cutouts, artwork, fireplaces, etc. and accentuate it with the accent wall.

  • Avoid Bare and Obscured

Don’t pick walls that have nothing on them, drawing attention to…well…nothing

  • Symmetry

If one wall is more symmetrical with furnishing, artwork, etc. then choose that wall

  • Framing

Typically accent walls do not have windows or doors, but it may be a good idea to frame a French door or expansive window with a gorgeous view

  • Tone on Tone vs Bold

Depending on your preference and personality, you may want a tone on tone accent wall that has similar colors within the pattern and that matches surrounding colors or you may want to go BOLD with bright colors, unique patterns, and funky designs!

bold pattern and brigh colored wallpaper behind daughter's bed

I’d say this is pretty bold…but completely fun and fitting for a young, spunky girl!

Lasting Love

Wall coverings last a lifetime, so it is important to make the right selections the first time.  By now, you probably have some ideas that are flowing through your head.  In the end, go with your gut.  Choose the design and pattern that excites you, impresses you, and made you say WOW, and you’ll be sure to love it forever!

AD Window Treatments has countless wall-covering books and options from various vendors.  Stop in and take a look at all of our wallpaper selections of fun prints, styles, patterns, and techniques.  And, check out our other blog posts about The Wonders of Wall-Paper as well as bedding, draperies, and more!

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