A Business Tip Like No Other: Commercial Window Treatment Solutions

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Finding Success & Satisfaction for Your Business

Want to know the one powerful business success tip you’ve probably never heard before but can’t afford to live without?  Commercial Window Treatment Solutions!

Paint this picture…it’s 8am on a Monday morning.  Coffee in hand, briefcase in the other, you’re ready to start this week’s staff meeting, relaying reports, presenting goals, and developing strategies.  There’s just one BIG problem.  You look around and none of your coworkers or employees are engaged.  Why? Because of the distractions and discomfort resulting from the big glass bare windows.  Don’t know where I am going with this?  Read on, and I’m sure you will resonate with one or many of the examples below.

Can You Relate?  Window “PAINS”

Big glass windows are source of many problems in business complexes, restaurants, schools and hospitals, easily affecting the success of a company and the satisfaction of a client or patient.

Lack of Privacy 

There’s just something about a big window that draws people in.  Actually, in all honesty, I don’t think it is the window’s fault, it is just our human nosey nature, wanting to know what’s going on behind the glass.hospital hallway with glass windows

The Fish Bowl Feeling is an uncomfortable result of feeling on display as people walk down the hall outside your room. Patients in a hospital are especially vulnerable, and may feel super insecure as other visitors, doctors, or patients quickly glance in.  Colleagues in a staff meeting may not feel comfortable presenting confidential and strategic business plans either.


Like I said, there’s just something about a big window that draws people in, making it a privacy concern, but also a BIG source of distractions.

child distracted by window in classroom

We see this a lot in schools. I remember sitting in history class bored by dates, places, and dead people, becoming easily distracted by the kids running, swinging, and playing ball right outside our window.  Then, we’d get the occasional group of boys that’d come up, smashing their noses to the glass as we were trying to learn or pass an exam.  Both of these common instances leave a teacher overwhelmed, frustrated, and in a state of defeat.

Temperature and Light

Sun glare in Restaurant dining area

Windows are the number one source of heat transfer and loss in a building.  The sun pierces through, ruining a PowerPoint presentation, a patient’s favorite program on TV, or a customer’s dining experience in a restaurant.  A space can become super cold and uncomfortable in the winter or hot and unbearable in the summer.  Whatever the issue, you can be sure of one result: Disappointment!

Unimpressed Guests

On top of all that, a LARGE window without any treatments or coverings is just plain old BARE, DRAB, and BORING. It just sort of exists with nothing impressive or professional about it, reflecting on YOUR business.  If the top three concerns don’t resonate with you enough to make a change for the comfort and benefit of your clients, guests, or colleagues, then at least DO IT FOR YOU AND YOUR COMPANY’S REPUTATION!

Commercial Window Treatment Solutions!

Conference room with Hunter Douglas Roller Shades

Custom Hunter Douglas window treatments will help alleviate all of the above frustrations and concerns, providing you and your company or workplace with a more welcoming atmosphere, comfortable space, and productive environment.

Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades for the Win

Hunter Douglas Commercial Window Treatment Solutions

While there are many custom window treatments to choose from, in our experience with commercial projects, most companies tend to go with the Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades.  Roller Shades give you the modern, sleek look your space needs.  Fabric choices are nearly unlimited, coming in various colors and textures to suit any style.  Customizable with top and/or bottom treatments, you can be sure to make a design statement in your space, impressing your guests and coworkers!

fabric swatches of Hunter Douglas Roller ShadesAvailable in 4 different opacity levels from sheer to opaque, these treatments and others will achieve your specific light control and privacy desires.  PowerView motorization provides added convenience, enabling you to operate multiple shades at the touch of a button or programming to your schedule with the PowerView App.  The best part?  Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades give you all of the above at a great entry-level price point, making them the perfect option to order in bulk for your business!

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Conference room with Hunter Douglas Roller Shades

Check out our commercial project we completed for Acclara Solutions in Philadelphia.

If you are ready to update your space and gain a bit more customer satisfaction, guest appreciation, and business success, then give us a call to discuss your window treatment options.  No matter what Hunter Douglas treatment you choose, you can rest assured that your clients, coworkers, patients, or students, will feel at ease, receiving the privacy they deserve and leaving with the experience they hoped for!