5 Easy ways to cut your heating and cooling bill

Duette-Infrared-imageEnergy Efficiency is one of the leading reasons people update their window treatments. It is a great way to cut cost on your energy bills. Yesterday we had Laura streaming live on Facebook talking about the different products Hunter Douglas has to offer with amazing energy efficiency and all the benefits they can have for your homes. Here is a breakdown of what we spoke about, as well as the video for your convenience!

Air Pockets

When working with the Honeycomb Shade family, you are covering your windows with the top of the line protection to help control the heat transfer in your home. The major reason for this is because of the construction of the shades. architella_closed_1They are built to give you air pockets, allowing the air to get caught each time through the fabric before coming in or leaving your space. As you can see from the image at the top of the article, the Honeycomb shade can range from 1 to 5 separate air pockets. This is accomplished through the honeycomb design, as you upgrade your honeycomb you are adding an additional layer of protection to your windows.  The Architella shade has 2 honeycombs that gives you 3 air pockets. The Trielle shade has 3 honeycombs inside each other to give you 5 air pockets!

Energy Efficiency Layout

Let me further break this down because just hearing how much energy you can save from a window treatment doesn’t always get you excited or make you believe.


Red = No Shade Green = Shadehuman_thermal_comfort_sensation_software


Check out this thermal image that shows you the difference in having an energy efficient shade or not.

Did you know 40% of energy is lost and gained through your windows! Putting some type of protection on them could be the difference in your bill and the comfort you have while in your space.

With each layer you put on your windows, it is going to better your insulation. We like to highlight the Hunter Douglas Honeycomb shades because with just one product you can triple or quadruple your energy efficiency.



Not everyone loves the look of a honeycomb shade but wants to be energy efficient. Some other options your can go with are drapery panels or liners.

Drapery can be done with different types of liners. This allows you to protect the whole window in fabric or use a stationary panel on the ends of the window covering where the gaps are from the treatment to the window itself.  You can also get products from Hunter Douglas that come with the option of adding a liner. Some liners can be separate, allowing you to move each piece by itself or attached with the liner and shade moving together.

Federal Tax CreditTax_Credit-300x260

I am not lying when I say the Honeycomb shades are amazing for energy efficiency, and now I can back this statement up with some amazing news. Hunter Douglas has created the Duette Architella Honeycomb Shades Tax Credit. This allows you to get up to $500.00 in a tax credit for 2016 just for having the treatment on your windows, that comes to about 10% of your cost. As with everything involved in getting money back there are restrictions and guidelines. Click on the link above to download the specs on what type of fabric and lift system you must have as well as the size restrictions for the credit. The credit does not include your cost of installation and measurement when ran. You can always come in to our showroom and our consultants can lead you in the right direction to get your best value.