Features and Styles of Designer Roller Shades

Rust colored roller shades with mom and son doing crafts in the living room

The Hunter Douglas Designer Roller shade is part of the screen shade family; who is becoming a top dog in the world of window treatments. The Roller shades come in a variety of colors, textures, opacities and designs. As Hunter Douglas explains, “One fabric, multiple products  – Designer Roller and Designer Screen shades in combination with Skyline Gliding Window Panels give you the Whole House Solution.” With this being said, it means you can have the same look throughout your whole home without having to worry about the fabrics coordinating because you can use the same fabric with three different styles of window treatments through the Designer Shade collection.

Lifting systems and Cassette Styles

Lifting systems and Cassette Styles for the Designer roller Shade from Hunter Douglas

The Designer Roller shade comes with a few different options of lift systems to better fit your style, budget, and needs.

The Custom Clutch system is the newest update to the Roller shades allowing you shade-to-shade lift uniformity and minimal light gap that is even on both sides.

The LiteRise system is a cordless option that comes with either a small tab or a 6 inch decorative cord to move the shade up and down with ease.

The UltraGlide single  retractable cord system gives you a stationary cord length with the shade being in the up or down position for child safety and to prevent pets from playing with it.

The PowerView motorization system allows your shades to connect with our battery operated pebble remote, wall unit, and through the new Hunter Douglas app to create scenes and times for your shade to move automatically.

The Designer Roller shades also come with a few different style options, ranging from a 2 inch to 5 1/2 inch mounting depth. This means that your shade could fit inside your window jam and be flush with the wall, or it could sit outside of the window protruding out of the wall into the room. It depends on the style, jam depth and width of your window. ( This is all information we will help you with! Keep breathing!!) It is just a great thing to keep in mind when you have a vision in mind. Make sure you tell your consultant before you get too far into the process and they show you something you love that wont work with your style or windows.

Style of Cassettes and Bottom Rails

As some of the images above depict, you can get a cassette (top of the treatment covering the inner hardware). You can get the cassette in a small round cassette, small square, large round cassette, large square, Pocket and Fascia style. Bottom Rail Options Roller ShadesWith any of these styles, you can add a fabric valance to give a uniformed and finished look as well. As for the bottom rails the options include the standard fabric wrapped bottom bar, optional metal end caps, or the flat bottom bar and sealed hem.

Fabric Opacity and Openness

The fabrics used for the Designer shades is categorized through its Opacity Rating and Openness Factor. The Opacity Rating as shown above is a scale of 1 – 4, 1 being the most see through and 4 being the most blackout.  Openness Factor has more to do with the grid-like pattern created, 1% being the smallest openings and 14% the largest.

Dual Roller Shade

Dual Designer Roller Shade SystemThe Dual shade option is a great option to coordinate a sheer and opaque fabric in the same system. Each of the fabrics have their own tube that can be moved completely independent of each other. As you can see in the picture above the sheer fabric is down lower to cut some of the sun and glare but still allowing view through from the inside. The opaque fabric in the back gives you the blackout look to eliminate the light, glare, and any view through in or out of the house.

Choices Program

The Choices Program is a great feature that allows you to select a coordinating or contrasting fabric for your cassette, bottom bar, and valance. There is no need to be plain Jane anymore (unless that is your style), because now we allow you to have the option you have always been looking for.

GreenGaurd Certificate

GreenGuardLogoThe GreenGaurd Certificate provides the assurance that Hunter Douglas products contribute to a healthier indoor air quality for your home.

Learn more about the different fabrics, cassette options, and GreenGuard certificate from our website.

Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades

GreenGaurd Certificate