You Should Never Stop Learning

When you are in school, all you keep saying is “When am I going to use this in the real world,” “That doesn’t apply to me,” and so on. Which, in a lot of cases is true – I believe – not many jobs need you to know the specific date the Civil War was fought; but the idea of learning something new will continue for the rest of you life.  If you want to be able to adapt and grow, you should never stop learning.

Image-6In our line of work, we are always learning new things from fabric lines to the installation of a shutter. Today we went to the Hunter Douglas Premieres event that happens once a year.  It is a time for new products, fabrics, hardware, and lifting systems to be introduced as well as ending lines and a price change.

The first presentation involved the major highlights of the products with their new features and benefits. During this time, a co-worker and myself saw a few different changes to the products we had questions on. We took notes, talked to each other, and then went up to the presenters and had a great conversations, meeting some amazing new people.

Hunter Douglas Premieres EventThis whole experience came from the new information we learned, and it allowed us to ask more questions to find out more information on our products, as well as the line as a whole. By taking the time to continue to learn, you are not just getting more knowledge, you are making new connections and probably helping yourself in the long run when a client asks a similar question during a sale.