Hunter Douglas Window Treatment Lift Systems

When purchasing custom window treatments, clients typically do not know all of the lifting system options available, coupled with their benefits.  Through Hunter Douglas, our staff at AD Window Treatments is highly trained on all of the different types of window treatment lift systems we offer for our shades to be able to help you find the best system to suit your needs and preferences in your space.


Standard Cord System

The Standard cord system is shown here. This system makes the cord longer as you make the shade go up and shortens when the shade is in a down position. We are starting to see a lot more of the shades doing away with this
look because it can be hazardous for young children and the look of a long string next to your beautiful new treatment is just not

If you click on the image you can watch a video on how the system works.



UltraGlide System

The UltraGlide lift system is very similar to the standard cord system, but instead of having a large string when you lift your shade up, the cord will always stay the same length. When you pull down the cord lengthen then retracts back into the headboard allowing you pull again to move the shade more or lock the shade at a certain height with the same length cord you had when the shade was completely down. This is a great system to keep a unified look as well as keeping the cords out of the hands of little ones running around.

Click on the image you to watch a video on how the system works.

The EasyRise system is another way of keeping a


EasyRise System

uniform look to your shades while helping with child safety. When using the EasyRise system, the shade is typically an inside mount (the shade is inside the window trim) giving you a mount the mechanism will screw into and be stationary.  All you have to do is pull one of the strings in the front or back of the loop to allow the shade to go up or down.

Click on the image to watch a video on how the system works.



LiteRise System

The LiteRise system is becoming more popular because it takes all the cords out of the treatment. This system allows you to simply push or pull the bottom OR top rail to open and close the shade. There is the option of a clip to keep the shades from getting dirty as well. Removing the cords gives you a very smooth and finished look while being child safety oriented. The only issue with this design is if the shade is too hight to reach or difficult to access. If you click on the image you can watch a video on how the system works.


Top Down Bottom Up

The Top Down/Bottom Up system is a great option that allows you to have privacy along with the ability to move the light in your space. This system can be opened from both the bottom and the top of the shade, allowing you to show light in the room while keeping the bottom half down (found in a bathroom setting).  You may also open both the top and bottom, while keeping the shade open in the middle for a different look. **not all products are available in Top Down Bottom Up**  If you click on the image you can watch a video on how the system works.


PowerView Motorization

The final major window treatment lift system is the newest to us, called PowerView motorization. This allows you to do so much more with your shades then you have ever dreamed. With this new system you are able to control your shades from all different medias. The shades can be programmed to a hand-held remote, a wall mount or with the Hub that allows you to use your tablet or phone. With the Hub, you are even able to create Scenes, which allows you to program a specific time and position that the shades will move to.  The options are endless and always improving when it comes to motorization.

You can check out all of the different window treatment lift systems and how they look on each of the products offered by following the link below.

Products and Lifting Systems