Take the Pain out of choosing; check out these reasons to get a color consultation today

Color Consultation is a great way to layout your space before putting anything to paper, or in this case, your wall. With our new on staff Designer Diane Harrington, we are now able to offer this great service to our clients.

What does a Color Consultant do for me?

What a great question, I am glad you asked! A Color Consultant is here to help you bring your space to life through a vision you may have and do not know howThe Woodlands CC - www.twrs-painting.com to put into play, or by giving their input from what we are working with. Diane enjoys working with pieces already existing in a space, “I like to work off of the most important piece in a room, usually this is something that will not change through the years…it is a great way to focus your idea.” While working off of a piece, Diane also likes to use undertones of colors. There are many ways to run a color consultation, and each client and consultant will be different, please keep this in mind.

Break it down

What happens during the consultation?  Consultations can range from $85.00 to $200.00 per hour. Our cost is $95.00 per hour. During the hour we want to get Boxhill Design - CCinto your space, talk about what you are trying to accomplish, and figure out your style by asking a few simple questions you probably never thought about. This is when you tell us how much help you need from us because we do not want to make your feel influenced or pushed to do something that you would rather do yourself.  Once we have come to a good meeting point, we like to bring out paint chips, fabrics, materials and any pieces you are looking to get inspiration and style from.Blue Prints CC This helps both the client and consultant see everything together and how things will look in the lighting of the space (which is very important to keep in mind)!  Everything is going to look different in your space compared to a showroom or picture. Make sure when you are picking out anything for your room, that you are able to bring a sample of the colors. Something that looks green with a hint of blue in a showroom could look completely green in your space and through off the whole scheme.

Why choose us?

I am very confident to tell you when you work with Ambiance Design, you are working with an elite group of professionals. Designer_DianeWhen it comes to Color Consulting, Diane has the knowledge and the background to help our clients feel comfortable they are getting the right help for the price. Diane came to Ambiance Design after working as a color consultant for Benjamin Moore paints for over three years. Before consulting, she graduated from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, New York with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Design. During this time and following her graduation, Diane worked with Gacek Design and Daroff Design.  She has over eight years in the design industry, both in residential and hospitality. Whether you are new to the world of design or just need a little help making final selections, Diane is a great source for you.