Summertime Savings: Energy Efficiency & Protection in Your Home

Fun in the Sun

The summer season has officially started!  This means long days under the sun, poolside activities, campfire nights, beach trips, and quick stops to your local ice-cream stand.  What’s better than opening the blinds to enjoy the view and fresh air while getting some natural light to brighten up your homes?  Unfortunately, heat waves and beaming sun rays can not only leave a mark on your floor and furnishings, but can also leave its mark in your checkbook.

Faded hardwood flooring in front of double doors

Damaging UV Rays

Over the years spent in your home, you may have realized that the lovely blue sofa you purchased is now a whole shade lighter.  But, how could this be?  Faded and discolored furniture and floorings in front of windows and doors are common effects of the sun’s harmful rays.  It is a slow process, happening over time that ends up shocking you once it is too late.  UVA and UVB rays are responsible for over 40% of the damage, and it does not matter if the sun is out or not, the rays are powerful and they mean business.  However, with the right window treatments, much of this damage can be easily prevented!

The Cost of Staying Cool

 Window heat loss diagram of whole home

Blasting the AC or central air units and plugging in multiple fans are the most common ways to battle the heat on those hot and humid 90 degree days.  However, this can lead to higher energy costs to keep your house at a comfortable temperature.

  • 11% of all energy consumption in the U.S. is for residential heating, cooling, and lighting.
  • The average Pennsylvania residential electrical bill from 2015 was $116 a month.
  • 5% of total energy in the U.S. is lost through windows.

In the summer, the hot air blazes through, causing your air conditioning units to have to work harder.  You could close your windows and shades, but then you would need more artificial lighting inside, adding to your energy costs.  So, how can you as an energy conscious consumer help combat these effects?

Energy Efficient Window Treatments for the Win!

Don’t feel discouraged just yet, because there is an easy solution to these summertime struggles.  Window treatments are the simplest and most effective way to cut down on your energy bill by reducing heat flow, controlling solar heat, and enhancing daylighting!  Lucky for you, Ambiance Design sells customized Hunter Douglas window treatments to fit your specific needs for your home.  We have many energy efficient window treatments of varying styles that provide excellent UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays and to take advantage of natural lighting.

Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb energy efficient window treatments

To add to this excitement, many of our treatments can utilize the PowerView Motorization App, allowing you to schedule your treatments to open and close at specific positions and times during the day.  This way you have your treatments closed during the hottest time of day keeping your house cool while at work, but open and ready for you when you get home!   These Hunter Douglas products are durable, beautiful, and reasonably priced. There are so many options for you to choose from, and our team at Ambiance Design would love to help consult you to make these decisions easier.  Give us a call or stop in, and enjoy your summer!