Hunter Douglas Pirouette: Designing Light for your Home


The Hunter Douglas Pirouette Window Shadings  are an amazing product to give your space color, texture, versatility, privacy, and impeccable natural lighting! The Pirouette shade has many different features and benefits along with different style options that we will go over in detail for you below.

  • Ultra Violet Protection
  • Vane Sizes
  • Opacity Options
  • Open, Contoured and Flat 
  • Invisi-Lift System
  • Lifting System Options
  • Two-on-One Headrail
  • Bottom Fabric Panel Variance
  • Angles and Arches

Here is some information to better help you understand what Hunter Douglas Pirouette Window Shadings allow you to do with your space and windows. You can always follow the links to our website to find out more about a specific product or contact one of our window treatment specialists for more information.

Ultra Violet Protection
The Pirouette Shading system provides you with up to 81% of UV protection with the vanes open and 99% protection when the vanes are completely closed.

Vane Sizes
The Pirouette comes in either a 4 inch or 5 inch vane size. Certain fabrics will only allow you to have one or the other vane size. This is something you want to keep in mind if you are interested in a specific size opening for your window. We typically use the large vane for a larger window and smaller vanes for the smaller window.


Opacity Options
Pirouettes come in two opacity options.  The semi-Opaque fabric filters ambient light when the shades are closed and the room darkening fabric blocks the majority of light.  I would like to note that this is not a Black-out fabric, so you will always have a warm glow that filters through the vanes.  Below are two images of the same color fabric.  The one on the left is shown in Semi-Opaque while the one of the right is Room Darkening. This allows you to see the difference in the amount of light coming from the fabric as well as how the fabric will change color once it is made to be room darkening.


Open, Contoured, and Flat
A great feature of the Pirouette is the ability to open, contour, or close the shades. This extra feature gives you the ability to allow as little or much light as you would like in the room while still getting UV protection to your space.


Invisi-Lift System
        The Invisi-Lift system suspends horizontal fabric vanes to allow them to float gracefully in the window without obstructing the view-through. This system is moving the semi-opaque and room darkening fabric up and down over the sheer UV fabric that allows you to see out of the window while the treatment is down.

Invisi-Lift System

Lifting System Options
Though there are many different lifting systems for Hunter Douglas, Pirouette shadings are only available in PowerView motorization, EasyRise and UltraGlide. PowerView motorization allows you to operate your shades from a hand held pebble, wall mount, or with the Hub system that connects through an app on your phone or tablet. The EasyRise system is also known as the cord-loop system, where you use a continuous cord that is locked into the wall to move the shade. The UltraGlide system allows your cord to stay a single length when moved up or down.

Two-on-One Headrail
This is a great feature that allows two individual shades to have the same headrail to give a sleek continuous look in the window frame. At the same time you are able to move each shade as its own. This is perfect for wider window openings and sliding glass doors, and it is only available in EasyRise and UltraGlide Systems.


Bottom Fabric Panel Variance
With the panel variance you are able to have all of your shades line up vane to vane throughout your room (even with different size windows) as long as have the same vane sizes, fabric (with identical height measurements) and the same mounting style.  Along with bottom fabric panel variance, there is the Zero Bottom Panel option. This eliminates the flat fabric panel and turns it into an operable bottom vane. You may only have this option if your shade is a outside mount because it will lengthen the shade up to 5 inches.

Angles and Arches
The Pirouette shading system can easily accommodate a large variety of arches and angles with ease. The specialty shapes are mounted inside the window casement and are non-operable and stationary with the vanes permanently closed in the contoured position.