Jump on the Bandwagon: Designer Banded Shades

Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades


Modernize Your Space with Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades

It’s not your typical shade.  Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades are unlike any other window treatment, including timeless Roller Shades, a standard Honeycomb, or a traditional Roman.  Rather these shades are New and Hip, helping to modernize your space and make a design statement in your home!

Set the Mood: Layers of Light

What makes these shades so unique?  The alternating sheer and solid bands creating the perfect ambiance of layered light!

Designer Banded Shades open and closed in bedroom windows

Designer Banded Shades allow you to easily control the amount of light and privacy in your space.  Align the front and back fabric bands together so that natural light radiates your room through the sheer bands.  Shift the bands to overlap one another, giving you adequate privacy while blocking the harsh light and hot sun. The Designer Banded Shade has no specific, set positions, allowing you to choose the exact levels of privacy and light control you desire at any given time of day!

Shapes and Styles: Design Options

Tap into your creative side and have some fun selecting from the various design options available to you!

Colors and Textures:

Color and Texture fabric swatches of Designer Banded Shades

Evoke emotions and show off your unique style by choosing from countless color and texture options.  Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades come in various neutrals as well as bold colors including shades of blue, pink, red, and green, allowing you to compliment your surrounding décor.

Band Heights:

Small, medium, and large band heights of Designer Banded Shades

Small, Medium, and Large band heights giving you various levels of view through in your space.

Designer Banded Shades come in three different band heights, (small, medium, and large) giving you various view-through levels.  The bigger the band, the greater the view.  You just have to pick what you like the most in your space. 🙂

Geometric Styles:

Designer Banded Shades with Geometric Shapes

Evoke and Coastal geometric shape options

Looking for a bit more personality and flare?  In addition to the basic rectangular bands, there are two other unique geometric shapes to choose from.

Operating Systems:

Choose between 4 different operating systems for your Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades, including PowerView Motorization, UltraGlide, SoftTouch Motorization, and a Continuous Cord Loop.  Of course, we always recommend motorized options, giving you added convenience in your home!  Learn more about these options here.

 Rock On!

Designer Banded Shade living room window

There’s no denying that the Designer Banded Shades aren’t for everyone.  It seems as if clients walking through our doors are either completely intrigued and in love, or immediately turned off.  Perhaps though, this is caused by a lack of confidence or a feeling that “I, ____(insert name) can’t buy something like this.  It isn’t me. What would others say?”  Forget what others may think and cast those fears aside.  Be BOLD.  Take a Chance!  If you are moving into a new home or updating your space, NOW is the time to try something new!  Rock on with Banded Shades!

If you would like more information about these products, feel free to check out our site or give us a call at 267.898.0200 to come by and see them yourself!