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Pillows on duralee bench

Oh the Pillows we will see…

Another fun and creative area we like to work with is creating custom pillows for your space. With all the different options of fabric, shapes, trim, accents, and more, the possibilities are endless. A few standard styles we work with are Sofa (18″ – 22″), Lombard/Bolstered, and Accent pillows.

Sofa Style

The Sofa style decorative pillow is a larger pillow between 18 inches to 22 inches that can be used throughout your home in a multitude of different ways. This style allows you to work with large patterns and different colors that can be mix matched. It is great when you have a large area you want to fill up or just add enough to bring a new color/texture into the space.

Lumbar / Bolstered Style


The Lumbar or Bolstered style pillow is a great way to put color, pattern, or texture into your piece. The great things about this style pillow is that it can be universal. It can stand by itself on a sofa or chair, or be the final piece to a bed with larger pillows to lay either at the foot of the bed or at the end of the pillow display.

Accent Pillows

Who doesn’t love a good pillow? With all the different shapes, sizes, material, color, and patterns, you can have millions of different combinations and looks for your space. An accent pillow can be monotone where it blends with the furniture it is on. The pillows can be a unified pattern, color.  You can mix and match the types of pillows, as shown on the furniture pictured above. One of our favorite ways to do pillows it to pick a pattern and do it in a different colors or variations. You see an example of this in the flower pillows above. The white couch has a bunch of colorful and different sized pillows, but it works because they all have a flower pattern to tie them together. You can see another way with the orange and brown flowered pillows. They are more unique patterns and colors, but the colors are complimentary and again, the flowers tie them together as well.  Have fun with your fabric choices!  Give your room some added personality with color and design stemming from your pillows!

Come check out all of the fabric selections available to create your custom pillows today.  Located in the Shoppes of Village Square, our Hunter Douglas Gallery offers your window treatments, bedding, wallpaper, and custom drapery, upholstery, and more!